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Lou Piensa’s “Caramaba”

25 Jul

More proof that Rael da Rima’s got that golden touch.

Music video, “Caramba” by Nomadic Massive‘s Lou Piensa, shot in Sao Paulo by 13 Produções. The first part contains a snippet from a track called “Open” (the full version of which features Ian Kamau), and the part gets into the track, “Caramba” with Rael da Rima.



Rael da Rima

18 Jul

Dear World,

There is someone I’d like you to meet.

I was introduced to him last fall, on my first-ever trip to the beautiful city of Montreal. Cuban rap duo, Obsesión, was in town for an event called Afro-Latin Soul, and I made the trip with some friends.

Even though it was late and we were ready for bed, we went straight to the event that night. And that’s where I experienced the music of self-taught,  extremely impressive, multi-instrumentalist emcee, Rael da Rima.

As a member of hip hop group, Pentagono, Rael has performed for large crowds across Brazil and Europe. In 2005 he was asked to participate in an international documentary called Global Lives as one of ten disenfranchised people from around the world whose lives were documented for 24 hours. His bio also states:

“Rael launched his first reggae-hip-hop single “Trabalhador” in 2009 leading up to the release of his first album MP3 (Musica popular do tercer mundo) which translates into Popular Music from the Third World in June of 2010. Distributed by Brazil’s largest independent distributer Tratore, Rael’s unique blend of Brazilian reggae-hip hop-soul will soon available online to international crowds.”

Ladies and gentlemen, in his own words, Rael da Rima…