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Drake – So Far Gone Mixtape

13 Mar

I like my emcees arrogant.  Rap lyrics with a hefty dose of bravado otherwise they lack flavour. Admit it: punch lines combined with a certain amount of cockiness is often what leads to classic material.

Last month Drake released a “mixtape” (I love how we’re holding on to the “tape”) called So Far Gone with 17 tracks so-far-gone-front-coverand guests spots by Trey Songz, Lil’ Wayne, Santo Gold and a few other friends. Besides talent, young boy’s persona exudes a cockiness I kind of like: seemingly effortless and consequently far from corny.

When Boi -1da told me during an interview back in 2006 that he was working with an emcee named Drake, who in his opinion was one of the best lyricists out, I had to hold in my laughter. Really? “Jimmy” from Degrassi (Canadian TV show) is an emcee AND he’s good? I figured it was Boi’s youth speaking, turning “good” into “the G.O.A.T.” But respect due, Aubrey Graham/Drake has managed to successfully distance two sides of the same coin.

Some listeners will have to take him in short doses because, understandably, too much of anything makes you annoyed. To his credit, Drizzy does take off the mask and show some vulnerability (rare, but it happens) a few times on So Far Gone.

Brothers with confidence are infinitely more attractive than the herb who is always second-guessing himself and I hear it’s the same on the flip side. The same principle holds true in the rap world. And that rumoured line that separates confidence from arrogance, like good from evil, might not actually exist.


*I’ve chosen the word “persona” carefully, I’m not just trying to sound fancy. I meant persona, as in character, role, front. I’m old enough to know better than believe every story I hear in a rhyme.  I grew up listening to lot of Boot Camp Clik…loved them. And when I met most of them at an interview session, I was pleased that they were extremely friendly, well-mannered young men. A storyteller’s worth is in the way s/he tells the story.