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Lou Piensa’s “Caramaba”

25 Jul

More proof that Rael da Rima’s got that golden touch.

Music video, “Caramba” by Nomadic Massive‘s Lou Piensa, shot in Sao Paulo by 13 Produções. The first part contains a snippet from a track called “Open” (the full version of which features Ian Kamau), and the part gets into the track, “Caramba” with Rael da Rima.



Rael da Rima

18 Jul

Dear World,

There is someone I’d like you to meet.

I was introduced to him last fall, on my first-ever trip to the beautiful city of Montreal. Cuban rap duo, Obsesión, was in town for an event called Afro-Latin Soul, and I made the trip with some friends.

Even though it was late and we were ready for bed, we went straight to the event that night. And that’s where I experienced the music of self-taught,  extremely impressive, multi-instrumentalist emcee, Rael da Rima.

As a member of hip hop group, Pentagono, Rael has performed for large crowds across Brazil and Europe. In 2005 he was asked to participate in an international documentary called Global Lives as one of ten disenfranchised people from around the world whose lives were documented for 24 hours. His bio also states:

“Rael launched his first reggae-hip-hop single “Trabalhador” in 2009 leading up to the release of his first album MP3 (Musica popular do tercer mundo) which translates into Popular Music from the Third World in June of 2010. Distributed by Brazil’s largest independent distributer Tratore, Rael’s unique blend of Brazilian reggae-hip hop-soul will soon available online to international crowds.”

Ladies and gentlemen, in his own words, Rael da Rima…

Cultura Profética

20 Mar

It was 3am and I was done. My lower back was burning, my eyes were being assaulted by smoke, and I had had enough of the hippies in their red, gold and green costumes. Cramped among hundreds of reggae zealots somewhere in the belly of Mexico City, I questioned whether or not Cultura Profética was worth the stress. I told myself if they weren’t on stage in the next 10 minutes, I’d be out out. About 20 minutes later my patience was rewarded:  Cultura Profética was on stage interpreting a Bob classic with a sincerity and musicality I hadn’t seen all night, and my five hour wait was already forgotten.cultura

Debuting in 1996 in Puerto Rico, the band has since released six albums with topics ranging from love to critique of their island’s complicated political predicament. Their sound plays with jazz and hip hop, but is still deeply rooted in reggae.

The first album, Canción de Alerta (1998) sold over 60,000 units in Puerto Rico alone and was engineered in Jamaica by Errol Brown under the legendary Tuff Gong label. Cultura Profética is the only Spanish- speaking band to have been named as a headliner in the prestigious Bob Marley/Tribute to the Reggae Legends concert year after year, and they’ve toured extensively across the Americas, selling out shows and playing to thousands. Yet chances are, most native English-speaking, reggae enthusiasts have never heard of them.

The band is expected to release a new album sometime this summer. Here’s a clip from the DVD, Cultura Profética Live: Tribute to the Legend Bob Marley, released in 2007. And just because I can’t help but love the rhythm on this track, you’ll also find “Pof Pof Pasa” with emcee E.A. Flow below.


Video: Chrisette Michele – Epiphany

17 Mar

IF you don’t know about this girl Chrisette Michele, you need to know about THIS girl Chrisette Michele! So I’m gonna do my due diligence as a friend, who has a vested interest in you hearing the best music and the most talented artists out there and post this video so you can watch her, find her amazing, and seek out her lovely music where ever it is you do your musical seeking…

You may remember her unique voice featured on tracks from Nas (Can’t Forget About You) and Jay-Z (Lost Ones). (I kinda felt like the folks at Def Jam were over using her… but they eventually let her release an album of her own…so I guess it all worked out.) She also sang the hook on the Roots single “Rising Up” from the album Rising Down. She’s really quite special…and I’m REALLY feeling her hair!!! back to the topic at hand, Chrisette Michele’s album Epiphany drops March 31…so get yourself up to speed. And then get that album. She’s amazing.

*Big up to T-dot’s own, Drake, her love interest in the video!


Chrisette Michele – Epiphany

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Imani Monique tries her hand… at poetry :)

12 Mar

Take me to my weakest point, all at once.

That liquid slip and slide

Take me

Have your way

with me – gone

drink me – drunk

Love me and leave me

here on the floor…

room spinning…

all giggles


Pour me another

Paper, plastic or glass

Please! – no pictures.

Title: Red Wine

*I can’t even front, I wrote this a few years ago in honour of my first REAL drunken experience. (There haven’t been many…something about vomiting and feeling horrible that just doesn’t appeal to me.) Besides, despite my small, slim stature, I hold my liquor pretty well…with red wine being that singular caveat. I realized in that alcohol induced giddiness, that red wine was my alcoholic kryptonite. It still is today.  Most times I avoid it, but sometimes I seek out that feeling… and in that *spirit*…hahaha…(I’m such a nerd) my musical guilty pleasure of the moment, this silly song from Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain – Blame It

Vodpod videos no longer available.

New Video: Dwele – Workin’ on It

4 Mar

1 minute and 26 seconds of goodness from Dwele…. OMG why don’t I have this album yet?


Happy Monday y’all!!!!

2 Mar