Cultura Profética

20 Mar

It was 3am and I was done. My lower back was burning, my eyes were being assaulted by smoke, and I had had enough of the hippies in their red, gold and green costumes. Cramped among hundreds of reggae zealots somewhere in the belly of Mexico City, I questioned whether or not Cultura Profética was worth the stress. I told myself if they weren’t on stage in the next 10 minutes, I’d be out out. About 20 minutes later my patience was rewarded:  Cultura Profética was on stage interpreting a Bob classic with a sincerity and musicality I hadn’t seen all night, and my five hour wait was already forgotten.cultura

Debuting in 1996 in Puerto Rico, the band has since released six albums with topics ranging from love to critique of their island’s complicated political predicament. Their sound plays with jazz and hip hop, but is still deeply rooted in reggae.

The first album, Canción de Alerta (1998) sold over 60,000 units in Puerto Rico alone and was engineered in Jamaica by Errol Brown under the legendary Tuff Gong label. Cultura Profética is the only Spanish- speaking band to have been named as a headliner in the prestigious Bob Marley/Tribute to the Reggae Legends concert year after year, and they’ve toured extensively across the Americas, selling out shows and playing to thousands. Yet chances are, most native English-speaking, reggae enthusiasts have never heard of them.

The band is expected to release a new album sometime this summer. Here’s a clip from the DVD, Cultura Profética Live: Tribute to the Legend Bob Marley, released in 2007. And just because I can’t help but love the rhythm on this track, you’ll also find “Pof Pof Pasa” with emcee E.A. Flow below.



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