K’naan: Troubadour in Stores Feb. 24, 2009

23 Feb

It must have been sometime in 2005 – my memory is dreadful so the detailsKnaan are fuzzy.  I had agreed to check out what (I believe) was to be the release party for K’naan‘s debut full length, The Dusty Foot Philosopher.

I met up with the friend who had invited me and headed to the spot. Upon approaching the venue, I remember thinking we had the wrong address.

But that was it – a church. There were more than a few supporters confused about the locale as well. I remember one Somali brother I had gone to school with refusing to enter (he thought it would be disrespectful).

Brother-man missed quite a show. K’naan’s live performance was charged with passion and sincerity as he offered up songs from The Dusty Foot Philosopher. The album on a whole embodied both the beauty and tragedy that characterize human existence, with Africa resonating in every vocal pitch, drum beat and guitar string.

Troubadour, K’naan’s second studio LP is available tomorrow (February 24, 2009), and this time, K’naan’s coming with big names like Mos Def, Damian Marley and Adam Levine. Check the video “Dreamer” below, followed by a list of concert dates.


Feb 24 2009
Mod Club Theatre, Toronto, ON
Feb 25 2009
S.O.B.’s – New York, NY
Feb 27 2009
The Kennedy Center – Millennium Stage Washington DC
Mar 1 2009
Harpers Ferry Boston, MA
Mar 2 2009
World Café Live – WXPN Philadelphia, PA
Mar 4 2009
Vinyl, Atlanta, GA
Mar 9 2009
Berbati’s Pan Portland, OR
Mar 10 2009
Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle, WA
Mar 11 2009
Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC
Mar 13 2009
Marquee Room Calgary AB
Mar 14 2009
The Pawn Shop Edmonton AB
Mar 15 2009
Louis’ Pub Saskatoon SK


One Response to “K’naan: Troubadour in Stores Feb. 24, 2009”

  1. Imani Monique February 24, 2009 at 7:10 am #

    In a church? Really? I think that is so clever…there is a certain richness of history to a venue like that. And I can just imagine the architecture I’m stereotyping the church mind you, because my church looks nothing like the church I’m envisioning… But I think his music would resonate well there both figuratively and literally. Cool.

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