Super Bowl Sunday

2 Feb

So, I came home from a late afternoon meeting of the Sushi Sunday 168 Crew (what we jokingly coined as the name for our all-you-can-eat-Japanese buffet group) to find that my mother was nowhere to be found…*gasp* Where was my hotfoot, middle aged mother, who has no real interest in or knowledge of sports in general, and football especially? At a Super Bowl Party, of course. Crazy right? I mean really, what is the world coming to? …although I guess anything is possible, after all, we do have a Black U.S. president *wink…smile*

I hadn’t planned on watching the whole thing… but if you saw the game you know why I ended up glued to the TV for the entire, very exciting test of strength and strategy between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. And was very much in awe of Harrison’s (thanks Sam…lol) 100 yard run into the NFL history books, a Cardinals comeback at the beginning of the 4th quarter (I think it was then, could have been end of the 3rd) and *spoiler alert* the eventual Steelers’ victory.

What I HAD intended to do was watch Jennifer Hudson’s return to the ‘Spotlight’ and go to bed, but as you can see I’m still awake… J. Hudson sang her heart out. There was nothing that she didn’t leave on that stage for the millions of viewers, worldwide, witnessing that moment, to soak up. I will forever be jealous of anyone who gets to claim the American national anthem as their own. There is something about that song. And Jennifer’s rendition really did give me chills. She SANG that song bwoy! (Let the Whitney vs. Jennifer Hudson comparisons begin…)

A twinge of sadness came as I thought about my own mother watching and enjoying Jennifer’s performance (before she dozed off for most of the game, only waking up towards the end to root for…”her team”…whichever team was winning at the time). I couldn’t help but think of Hudson’s loss; her family members that did not get to experience one of the biggest milestone performances of her life. The consummate professional, she went up there and did the damn thing (and looked cute doing it), but I can only imagine how she was feeling on the inside, about what must have been a bittersweet occasion. My heart continues to go out to her… Anyway, in case you didn’t see/hear it the link is there…


Jennifer Hudson – American National Anthem (Feb 1 ’09)


2 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Imani Monique February 4, 2009 at 6:59 pm #

    Memetic… The night of, I turned to my sister and said “she’s lip-syncing”. But it was still an amazing ‘performance’ in my eyes. I think the article makes a lot of the points that I guess I ran through in my head as I watched her performance. It was a high pressure night, and especially in this instance, there was a lot at stake. She still sang the song, it was her phrasing, her power, and her emotion…just not on Sunday night. I think I’m getting used to things not being live….lol

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